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Server Setups

Lifesteal Banner
Lifesteal Server Setup

Industry leading Lifesteal with Upgradable Spawners, Leaderboards, Coin Shop, Cosmetics, Kits + MORE

Skyblock Banner
Skyblock Server Setup

Island Missions, Co-op, Mobcoins, Player Shops, Custom Menus + MORE!

Survival Banner
Survival Server Setup

Coin Shop, Cosmetics, Auction House, Players Shops, Graves, Claiming + MORE!

Oneblock Banner
Oneblock Server Setup

Island Biomes, Quests, Player Shops, Jobs, Playtime Levels, Custom Menus + MORE!

BoxPvP Banner
BoxPvP Server Setup

Villager Trades, AFK Room, Monthly Armor, Crates, Coin Shop, Cosmetics, Custom Builds + MORE!

FFA Banner
FFA Server Setup

Advanced Progression with Skills + Leveling. This setup has much more progressive than competitors.

Factions Banner
Factions Server Setup

Coin Shop, Cosmetics, Leaderboards, Custom Tools, Integrated Spawn + MORE!

Easy Hub Banner
Easy Hub Server Setup

Bring together all your setups with the Easy Hub. A simple and engaging starter hub for anyone!


Playtime Levels Banner
Playtime Levels

Encourage players to spend time on your server with 147 unique levels and up to 1,300+ hours!

Coin Shop Banner
Coin Shop

Allow your players to unlock premium items with in-game currency. 120+ Items & 10 pages.

Vote Ranks Banner
Vote Ranks

15 Vote Levels with permanent rewards. Encourage players rank up while supporting your server!

Simple Prestiges Banner
Simple Prestiges

Allow players to prestige on your Lifesteal Server for bonus heart slots and end-game grinding!

Easy Quests Banner
Easy Quests

Allow players to grind quests on your server with 12 categories and over 1,000 quests!


The first and only self-hostable Minecraft Cosmetic Server similar to Mantle & CloaksPlus.
What is Cosmo?

Cosmo is a self-hostable Minecraft cosmetic server that works like Mantle and Cloaks+. Players can use any Minecraft client; the only requirement is that they have Optifine and they install the program separately.

How does it work?

The installation process includes modifying the user's hosts file to redirect Optifine traffic to your server. Cosmo takes advantage of this to let you control what cloaks and cosmetics appear on each player.

How do I add cosmetics to the bot?

Although some cosmetics are included with Cosmo, you must find your own free cosmetics online or design your own to import into the bot. This can be done with Blockbench.

Cosmo Banner

Host your own Minecraft Character customization server and start expressing yourself today.

Cosmo Link Verification Banner
Account Link Verification Addon

Make sure users own the Minecraft Accounts they link to the Cosmo bot.


Red House Island Banner
Red House Island

Highly detailed Lifesteal / Survival / Skyblock Spawn

Size: 200x200

Versions Supported: 1.16+

Round PvP Arena Banner
Round PvP Arena

Detailed KitPvP map with places to hide, elevation, and more!

Size: 300x300

Versions Supported: 1.12+

Red Medieval Banner
Red Medieval

Highly detailed Lifesteal / Survival / Skyblock Spawn

Size: 300x250

Versions Supported: 1.12+

Classic Medieval Banner
Classic Medieval

Highly detailed Hub / Lobby Spawn

Size: 300x300

Versions Supported: 1.8+

Red Village Banner
Red Village

Highly detailed Hub / Server Spawn

Size: 300x300

Versions Supported: 1.8+

Orange Jungle Banner
Orange Jungle

Highly detailed Lifesteal / Survival / Skyblock Spawn

Size: 250x250

Versions Supported: 1.12+

Kingdom Island Banner
Kingdom Island

Highly detailed Lifesteal / Survival / Skyblock Spawn

Size: 650x450

Versions Supported: 1.12+

Skull Island Banner
Skull Island

Highly detailed Lifesteal / Survival / Skyblock Spawn

Size: 200x200

Versions Supported: 1.8+

Jurassic Forest Banner
Jurassic Forest

Highly detailed Skyblock / Oneblock Spawn

Size: 200x200

Versions Supported: 1.8+